LAPL   Light Aircraft Pilot License

The most basic pilot license is the Light Aircraft Pilot License (LAPL).

You can only use this license in Europe.

For airplanes, this license is limited to single engine piston up to 2,000kg carrying up to 4 persons on board (including yourself– the pilot
You can only fly in good weather conditions (VFR visual flight rules).

To get this license you will need around 100 of theory and 25 hours of flight instruction.

Also, a medical Class 2 or LAPL medical as described in Part-MED (MED.A.030) is needed.


You can use this license as credit towards getting the more advanced Private Pilot License.

Pilot Training

​​Medical Exam

Theory Course

30 hrs Total Flight Training

6 hrs Solo Flight

Solo cross country

When To Start

​​You can start on the LAPL course what time you want

We recommend you contact our Student Adviser , to get all relevant information and for setting up your personal Training Plan

How Long Time

​​This is very much up to your self - how much time you have available for doing the training.

You can finish the theory in 6-8 weeks , and the flight training we finish in 4 weeks. This as an intensive course