All of our instructor is professional pilots and highly motivated aviators . They are or have been working for well known  aviation companies and universities  in Europe, and several of them is in the position of being Flight Examiners. 

Each of our senior instructors has an average of several thousand flight hours


The individual instructors teaching , flying and pedagogical skills is regularly overviewed , together with their theoretical knowledge with reference to the subject they are teaching. 


Our instructors has a wide range of flying experience in different airplane categories , from light sport plans to heavy jet aircrafts including advanced fighter jets. 


Our senior and also our new instructors, are all taking part of our Instructor Standardization  Courses.

The instructional teaching result is regularly monitored in our quality and management system


Recruitment & Training

As we are an expanding organisation, and we need new instructors.

Prospective candidates is selected by interviews and flight tests, and they will all take part of our standardization training


Flight Instructor Training

We do Flight Instructor training ourselves , and pilots that is doing instructor training by us will have priority for employment

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