This is a course linking all three modular courses  ,CPL - IR - ME , together and you will finish with one Skill Test that will give you the Commercial Pilot License with an with an Multi Engine Instrument endorsement

You will qualify for  position as a F/O in commercial flights , or as a Cpt. of multiengine airplanes of 5.700 kg / 9 pax

Pilot Training


The total training in our Modular Professional

Pilot Course is 220 flight hrs.

All time logged in an aircraft

When To Start


You can start on all of our Modular Training Courses  any time you want ..you dont need to spend time  "waiting for a full class"

Your training plan is individual

Make your own personal Career Plan , and get going.

How Long Time


Your personal career plan is set up individually

If you are planning to be a commercial pilot...

do your training as fast as possible , its all up to you .. you can finish it all in 12-15 months

The airliners need you ...and they are doing pilot recruitment every day