PRICE   MEP  INSTRUMENT  RATING                            


The Instrument Rating is the pinnacle of most pilots’ flight training. The Competency-based Modular Instrument Rating (CBMIR) credits any solo and dual IFR experience both on approved simulators (FNPT) and flight time in aeroplanes.

The CBMIR is a bespoke training course and is completely tailored to your own previous experience, currency and skills. At the commencement of your course you will undertake an assessment flight with our Head of Training who will then customise a course to meet your requirements. The minimum requirements are set out below.

Because this course is based on the students previous experience it is necessary to provide a tailored quote for each individual.

As part of a 'Zero to Frozen ATPL' training route this course would cost £13,505.


  • Dual training (FNPT1 Simulator) @ £141.00/hr

  • Dual training (ALSIM Simulator) @ £231.00/hr

  • Dual training (DA42) @ £441.00/hr


  • The minimum requirements to take the ME IR(A) skill test are:

  • Minimum 45 hours total IFR experience

  • Minimum 25 hours dual IFR experience (with an instructor)

  • Maximum 10 hours IFR in an approved FNPT I

  • Maximum 25 hours IFR in an approved FNPT II

  • Minimum 10 hours MEP IFR dual training at an ATO approved to provide the CBMIR(A)

  • Minimum 15 hours dual IFR experience in Multi-engine piston aircraft

  • Passed the EASA ATPL(A) theoretical knowledge examinations


  • Valid EASA licence with a current and valid MEP rating

  • Valid medical appropriate to the licence held

  • Have passed the EASA CBMIR(A) / IR(A) or ATPL(A) theoretical knowledge examinations


  • IR(A) Test fee (currently £784)

  • Solo aircraft hire for test (currently £419 per hour)

  • Approach and Landing fees other than Wycombe Air Park (average cost £500)

  • Student must have current membership in order to fly Booker Aviation aircraft (£180/yr)

  • Limited Panel Assessment with an IRE in FNPT2 Simulator (£100 fee + solo sim hire)

  • The minimum duration of the course is instrument time under instruction as specified in CAP 804 Section 4 Part L Page 33. As such this can not include any taxi time in both the simulator and aircraft. It is likely that your course will incur an additional expense equivalent to an approximate duration of 3.0 hours for taxi time during the aircraft phase of training


  • If you have passed only the CBMIR(A) theoretical knowledge examinations you will be granted an IR(A) on your licence with a restriction. You will not be certified to exercise your IR(A) privileges on single-pilot high-performance aircraft. 

  • If you have passed the IR(A) or ATPL(A) theoretical knowledge examinations you will be granted an IR(A) on your licence with no restrictions and will, therefore, hold a full single-pilot multi/single-engine instrument rating 

  • The hour requirements shown above are minimum experience and training requirements as laid down by the Competent Authority. Our packages are based on these requirements. Any additional hours required to achieve test standard will be charged at our current rates.

  • If the course is not completed within 12 months, membership renewal costs may be incurred.