Students are expected to achieve a standard which enables them to

plan a night-VFR flight taking into account the legal requirements, minimum flight altitudes, aircraft equipment and performance, navigation     planning and meteorological constraints,


safely control the aircraft flight path in the vicinity of the aerodrome and when flying cross-county, while adhering to the flight plan and all standard operating procedures,


perform an approach and landing at night observing the visual guidance and cues,


successfully manage the workload associated with night flying including communications with the relevant ATC units, and


demonstrate the necessary decision making skills when dealing with deviations from planned conditions .

Pilot Training


The theoretical knowledge course for the night rating comprises 4 hours of tuition, which are planned to be taught in one single session.

The flight training is 5 hrs

Holders of a LAPL(A) shall either provide a certificate of basic instrument training as required for the issue of a PPL(A) issued by an approved ATO, or complete the basic instrument training as outlined in

When To Start


You can start this course any time you want

Contact our Student Adviser for setting up you training plan , and you time schedule



How Long Time

This is a short course that we will do in to days

1.day theory and flight training

2.day flight training ​​

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