Single Engine Instrument Rating

 ICAO SE IR to EASA SE IR Conversion Course

10 hours FNPT2 instrument flight training
5 hours SEP  instrument flight training

EASA IR / ATPL theory *)
1,5 hours SEP  aircraft rental for skill test
15 hours FI(A) instructor fee
CAA  test fee

Duration: 2 Weeks
Price: € 3.900 **)

*)  Theory Requirements / > 50 hrs PIC- IFR

Applicants for the competency-based modular IR(A) holding a Part-FCL PPL or CPL and a

valid IR(A) issued in compliance with the requirements of Annex 1 to the Chicago Convention

by a third country may be credited in full towards the training course mentioned

In order to be issued the IR(A), the applicant shall:

(a)   successfully complete the skill test for the IR(A) in accordance with Appendix 7;

(b)  demonstrate to the examiner during the skill test that he/she has acquired an adequate level

       of theoretical knowledge of air law, meteorology and flight planning and performance (IR);


(c)   have a minimum experience of at least 50 hours of flight time under IFR as PIC on


Phase 2 - EASA SE IR to EASA ME IR

• 2 hours  FNPT2 instrument flight training

• 3 hours MEP PA34 instrument flight training

• 1,5 hours MEP PA34 aircraft rental for ME IR (A) skill test

• Ground training and required briefings

• CAA Authority examiner skill test fee

Before starting the 2nd phase of the conversion training have the EASA SE IR entered in to his/hers EASA Flight Crew Licence. The applicant must also hold a EASA MEP(A) Class Rating in the License. Course duration depends greatly on the country of License issue as the License must be sent/brought to the applicable Competent Authority (CAA) to have the EASA SE IR entered into the License and possibly the EASA MEP(A) Class Rating if such a course/conversion is also carried out at Aviation Flight Training Academy. Seeking to have the License transferred to and issued by the  CAA Authority could reduce processing time between phase 1 and 2 significantly.

Price: from € 7.500 **)

Duration: 3 weeks


Conversion prices are highly individual depending on the applicant's licenses, ratings and proficiency.

Please contact us for quote.