The aim of the modular IR training course is to train pilots holding a license with a valid night qualification to the level required for the issue of a single-engine or multi-engine IR(A) in accordance with Part-FCL Subpart G Sections 1 and 2.

Operations are limited to take-off with an RVR or 400m or more and to approaches to a decision height of not less than 200 feet.

By doing the SE IR you will save time and money if you are also planning for an ME Instrument Rating , as you the are credited with the SE IR hrs

If you are planning for the # Frozen ATPL # - you will need to do this instrument course , and not the CBIR course

Pilot Training

​​Requirement for starting :

Instrument Theory / ATPL

PPL / CPL  in the res category

55 hrs cross country

10 hrs in res category

Night Rating

LPR Level 4 or higher

Flight training of IR is 50 hrs / 45 hrs if you all ready have a CPL rating

When To Start


You can start this course any time you want

Contact our Student Adviser for setting up you training plan , and you time schedule

How Long Time


The theory course is 7 subjects - estimated time for doing this is 3 months. The course is based on Distance Learning & classroom teaching

Flight program is 50 hrs

Our ATO can do the training in 4 week.