Privat Pilot Licence


• Theoretical training and preparation for exams in the subjects of Air Law and Human Performance

• PPL theoretical exams at the  CAA Authority in the subjects of Air Law and Human Performance

• 5 hours SEP  flight training

• Flight instructor fee and required ground briefings

• Training material (VFR chart and POH)

• CAA Authority examiner skill test fee ( not included in price ) 


In accordance with EASA regulations the training should be based on evaluation made by an Approved Training Organisation (ATO) and a recommendation to the Competent Authority of a reduced course. The above price is based on our extensive experience of PPL(A) conversions. Some students may require less training and some may require more. Additional training is charged in accordance with our scheme of charges at each time. The actual course hours eventually depend on students skills and experience.  


You also need to undertake a skill test and have at least 100 hours as a pilot in the relevant aircraft category


Price: from € 1.900

Duration: 5 + days


The course leads to an Norwegian EASA PPL(A) License issued by the NO CAA Authority. Additional administration, skill test, license and rating fee payable directly to NO-CAA may apply.

The Aviation Flight Training Academy will assist in transfer of all related documents such as medical Licenses from other issuing countries . Students will need to hold ICAO English Language Proficiency of at least Level 4 for License issue. If you do not hold ICAO English Level 4 or above applicants can undergo such assessments at our ATO.

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