PRICE   RENT-A-PLANE    Structured Hours Building


Booker Aviation has an hour building package perfect for students accumulating hours for the purpose of commencing commercial training. This package is a price guide for doing all of the hours in one aircraft type; it is more preferable though to use your hour building to build your skills and learn to fly more advanced aircraft. Please contact us to discuss your individual needs so that we can build you a unique package.

Hour building is not purely a statutory requirement prior to starting commercial training. It is designed to allow you to improve upon your skills and to gain invaluable experience before undertaking commercial courses. At Booker Aviation we pride ourselves in assisting you during this process so that you are fully prepared at the next stage of your training. By hour building effectively you will save money on the overall costs of training by minimising course hours. We will advise you on the best way to segment your hours to give you a head start.


  • 109 hours solo flying C152 @ £152/hr

  • Wycombe landing fees

  • Advice and guidance on how best to spend your time

  • All fuel (including that bought away from base which will be reimbursed on production of a receipt) 


  • Away landing fees

  • Student must have current membership in order to fly Booker Aviation aircraft (£180/yr)


  • Hold a JAA/EASA PPL(A)

  • Hold a current and valid SEP Rating

  • Hold a current medical


  • Club rules regarding currency on aircraft type must be adhered to. If it has been a considerable amount of time since your last flight with us you will be required to undergo a dual check with an instructor (normal dual rates apply)

  • At least 84 hours must be PIC to ensure that you have the minimum 100 hours PIC required for CPL flight test.

  • Minimum usage restrictions apply for bookings longer than a half day.

  • This package is offered for students who are registered to undertake their IR(A) & CPL(A) with Booker Aviation and who have paid the deposit for those courses.

  • This package may not be combined with any other discounts/offers.

  • Prices correct March 2018. Subject to change without notice. VAT included at 20%.