AT ATO 109  is approved to provide training for the “Competency Based Instrument Rating” (CBIR) The amended European Aircrew Regulation (EC Regulation 1178/2011) has introduced this alternative routes to obtaining an instrument rating, more accessible to private pilots.

The privileges are the same as the for the instrument rating, however only connected to PPL(A) and CPL(A) privileges. For the ATPL, the “classic” IR has to be obtained. To be valid in high performance airplanes (HPA), a specific HPA course must be taken. A night flight qualification (NIT) is only a prerequisite for IFR by night.

Pilot Training


  • Training for the competency-based IR will be completed with an authorized AFTA flight instructor. At least 10 hours of instruction must be completed at the AFTA ATO, while the other 15 hours could be credited from non-EASA IR time. The remaining 15 hours can be credited using logged IFR time in lieu of further instruction. Both this and the prior course credit must be in place before the 10 hours at the ATO and the skill test.

  • A maximum of 25 hours of dual instruction can be completed in our FNPT II Simulator.

  • The theoretical knowledge course contains 80 hrs and is based on Distance Learning with classroom brush-up courses.

  • Subjects include human performance and limitations, instrument flying, radio navigation, instruments, air law, meteorology, communications, flight planning and monitoring.

  • The practical Skill Test is completed with a designated IR Examiner.

How Long Time


The theory course is 7 subjects - estimated time for doing this is 3 months. The course is based on Distance Learning & classroom teaching

Flight program is 40 hrs - minimum 10 hrs in ATO  and 30 hrs can be credited as privat instruction

Our ATO can do the 10 hrs training in 1 week.

We can do the whole course in 3 weeks

When To Start

You can start this course any time you want

Contact our Student Adviser for setting up you training plan , and you time schedule


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